Come see the world!


See the world from above

See the world from above

Welcome to Enviro-Travel, a sub division of the Enviro Group.

At Enviro Travel we are extremely passionate about introducing the world to people who wish to see it and making it a unique and individual experience.
Offering almost every service and travel option possible through a multitude of service providers around the world.
This gives us the unique advantage of being able to offer our clients ‘carbon footprint’ friendly options which in turn also allows us to offer a wider variety of sustainability tours and experiences.

At Enviro Travel the team have been blessed with some of the most amazing experiences such as, climbing the great wall in China, sea walking in Borneo, whale watching in New Zealand, swimming with wild dolphins, working with rescue elephants in Thailand, Meeting and working with orphanage children in Indonesia.
Operating guided tours for international guests in London, Food and shopping highlights through Hongkong and Kawloon.
Ski holidays, shopping, and street food experiences extensively throughout Japan and Korea.

These are but a few of our personal international experiences. Within our own country, not a week goes by that we are not discovering unique destinations, hotel’s, lodges, cultural experiences, restaurants, cafe’s or local thing’s to see and do.

As from our January 2017 launch date we will be regularly keeping you guy’s updated on everything from dream destinations, bucket list trips, cultural experiences, sustainability events, honeymoon packages, local hang out’s including our favorite places to grab a bite.

We look forward to assisting you with booking your next getaway, speak to one of our experts today.