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Enviro-Travel Partners

Our mission within the Enviro group is to bring about sustainable lifestyle changes, meaning you can still live the life you love (whatever or however that may be) but through more sustainable avenues.

We have a wide network of affiliates and partners that we are always working together with to help create new idea’s/concepts on how to bring about small affordable changes on a global scale to make significant, worldwide impact.

For us this is everything from how we power our home, what we choose to recycle, what we grow in our garden’s and even the recycled materials that we have used to build the planter box’s from to grow these edible plants within our, garden.

And obviously, it’s also about how we travel!

This is the space where you will find any and all of our partners who offer a more sustainable way of traveling… and no that doesn’t mean we are switching a vehicle for a horse and cart or asking that you stop using toilet paper whilst on holiday. Your holiday style can stay exactly how you like it…. EXCITING RIGHT! – Watch this space.


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